If You Build It, They Will Come


Here’s the front view, where you can see the slide and the rock wall.

Since I don’t have school or work right at this moment, I’m (usually) happy when I get some sort of project. Bonnie’s Mom bought a huge swing set for the kids, and I got to put it together (along with Sterling, Clark, and Christian – Steven was a slacker). The directions said that it would take 4-6 hours, but after finishing it up earlier this week, I think it may have been a typo. 46┬áhours would be more accurate. It’s also possible that I’m just really slow and not as handy as I’d like to think.


Here’s the little picnic area underneath the main structure.

Sterling and I worked on it all morning and part of the afternoon Saturday. Then he wasn’t feeling well so I did it myself for a while. Then Christian and Clark helped out for a while in the evening. Even with all of that work, it didn’t get finished until I went out for a few more hours on Monday.


Here is the back corner with the rope ladder to nowhere. Seriously, you can’t get into the top by climbing the ladder.

It was a pain to put together, but it’s an impressive structure. L and R can go out and play in the backyard with minimal supervision now, which is a huge blessing, and it’s just fun to look outside and see something that I assembled. Who needs to go to the park anymore, right?

6 thoughts on “If You Build It, They Will Come

  1. This looks so much more impressive than it did when it was dissembled in the yard. I hope your kids love it – mine would go bonkers on something like this.

    • Yeah, they’ve been really enjoying it. We even got it in an area of the yard that is almost always shaded, so they can go out almost any time of day and play there. It’s a really fun thing for them.

  2. I was actually impressed that you guys got it done so fast. I thought that it might take a week or more. Thanks for building it!

  3. I’ve witnessed your children observing playground structures at the park without making any attempt to actually use said structures. But I assume that they will play on the structure within the safety of their own backyard and when their are no unfamiliar life forms present?

    • They’re getting better at things like that. It only takes a few visits to a place before they’ll move away from us, but yes, they are a little more adventurous in our own backyard than at the park. As you say, they aren’t fond of unfamiliar life forms.

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