The Food Tour of Western NY and Pennsylvania

Valley Inn SoupWe’re on this road trip which will end up in Utah, however we started out heading northeast instead of west. We’ve claimed that we’re going so that we can visit some of the church history sites in the area. While this is technically true, it’s not the whole story. A big part of our motivation was to visit some of our favorite restaurants in the area.

The first important stop was the Valley Inn in Warsaw, NY. I served in Warsaw on my mission, and a few people took us out to lunch there. I have remembered it forever after that, and have gone back several times. The food is amazing. It’s a gourmet restaurant for olive garden prices.

The next stop was La Nova Pizzeria. The pizza is okay, but I love their wings. They make these barbecue wings that are seriously the best barbecue I’ve ever had. Not just the best barbecue wings, but the best barbecue anything. They’re spicy, with a really nice charred taste. It’s a complex flavor that keeps changing as you eat each bite.

The final important food stop was Wegmans. Yes, it’s technically a grocery store, but it is seriously the best place in the world. I love Wegmans. Calling Wegmans a grocery store is like calling Michelangelo a guy who painted some murals. It’s technically true, but at some point the description falls short. Wegmans is the happiest place on earth. One of the awesome things at Wegmans is the sandwich shop. It’s ten times better than Subway. The bread is better, the meat and cheese are better, the whole experience is better.

Now that we’ve gone to all these places, we’re heading back to Utah, but if any of you are in the area, it’s worth stopping by any or all of these.

Thankful Thursday 3 – Radio Silence

radio-silence-L-M8qvlZI just finished writing a different post and was about to hit publish when I noticed that it’s Thursday. Which means that it’s Thankful Thursday. I decided to postpone that other post and actually get a Thankful Thursday post published on Thursday. I’m just improving at this blogging thing every day.

Bonnie and I (half-)jokingly decided to go radio silent on our car trip. No calls or texts to other people. While we haven’t exactly been perfect at it, we’ve done pretty well. It’s probably a bit annoying to our respective families, but it’s been fantastic for us.

We do really appreciate all the calls and well-wishing that we’ve gotten in the last few weeks, but with the number of people who want to talk to and visit Bonnie, we could just spend all our time talking to other people who aren’t even really part of our everyday lives anymore and miss out on talking to each other.

Happily, we’re both introverted enough that we avoid that tendency. We’ve had the chance so far on our trip to joke around and laugh with each other, to sing songs and read stories to the kids, to have Bonnie read to me from David and Goliath by Malcolm Gladwell as I drove, and to have some really good, deep conversations. We might have missed out on some or all of those things if we were constantly calling everyone back and answering texts.

If we’ve ignored you all this week, I’m sorry, but the truth is I don’t feel particularly bad about it. Once we hit Utah it will be a pretty steady stream of visitors and family gatherings. Those will be nice things too, but before all that begins I’m thankful that I have these ten days or so to just be with my little family having fun and enjoying each other’s company.