Update on Bonnie

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I feel you, George Michael.

It’s been a long, stressful day. Bonnie wasn’t feeling very good last night, so she was up a lot. That translated into oversleeping for her┬ádoctor’s appointment. It’s always nice to start the day out right.

More importantly, it’s looking like her current course of treatment just isn’t managing the symptoms the way that we would like. Bonnie has been falling down a lot and her balance is really impaired, so we’re going to be switching to something more aggressive. At this point, Bonnie’s condition makes her such an outlier that there’s not really a proscribed course of treatment, so it feels a little bit like both we and our doctor are shooting in the dark.

We’re going to try a really high dose of the medicine that she’s on, which will involve some pretty serious time in the hospital. So that’s not going to be fun for anyone.

We also had a visit to the physical therapist, who basically said that there’s not much that he can do to fix things (not really surprising), but he gave us some strengthening exercises for Bonnie to do.

When I write it all down, it doesn’t sound like that much, but I just feel totally mentally spent. It’s the cancer anxiety. You just sit around waiting constantly for something to go wrong. It’s like your brain is stretched out too thin, or you’ve got this constant feeling of falling but you never hit the ground. Then when you get more bad news you just don’t have the energy to process it because of all the energy you spend keeping it together on a normal day.

That’s probably enough whining from me. I still have a great little family, and I’m sitting here watching a little show with L and R while I type this, so the day is not all bad. Even when things go poorly, it’s always nice to get a chance to sit around with the kids at the end of the day. But if you see my lying on the floor, you’ll know why.

9 thoughts on “Update on Bonnie

  1. Thanks for the update. So sorry you and Bonnie have to go through this incredibly difficult challenge. I can help get Lydia to piano and help more on Mondays if you need. Please keep us informed as to when Bonnie will begin her new treatment and if we can help more.

  2. Thank you for writing this update. Your family is on my mind very often and I have been wondering how Bonnie is doing. I hope you can all feel our love and prayers from afar. I’m so sorry about the cancer and all the anxiety that comes along with it. Laying down on the floor seems like a perfectly reasonable coping mechanism.

    • Thanks Whitney, I keep seeing those ceramic things we made and thinking that I need to post about them so you can see them. Of course, R’s robot is missing its head, but, unsurprisingly, that happened like the first day we got them. Also, we totally used the pictures that you took to make a really nice calendar for my parents for Christmas, so thanks again for those. Finally, I was just perusing your blog (the one listed by your profile). You should post again. :^)

    • Thanks Anne. Also, thanks for the birthday stuff. I enjoyed it. I keep meaning to call, but things have been a little nuts and I keep not getting around to it. I’ll call this week though.

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